Empowering societies through ICT

Roia is an independent non-profit organisation harnessing the power of information and communications technology to improve lives in the most difficult circumstances. Founded in 2012 following the outbreak of conflict in Syria, Roia has grown to become a leading actor in the region providing ICT-based solutions to local communities and non-violent organisations.

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Roia works with non-profit organizations in various sectors to improve their management of critical daily communications. This means that human rights and civil society actors have the tools they need to promote their cause and communicate with the international community, emergency dispatchers can quickly send help where it's needed, and emergency responders have secure communications to carry out their work.


ICT skills are increasingly important across all industries and work sectors, and Roia provides this training. From basic literacy to specific software applications, our programs teach skills that are essential to improving staff efficacy and maintaining efficient organizational operations. Roia also provides ICT vocational training to individuals to increase livelihood opportunities.


Sometimes simply implementing the right creative software solution can resolve knowledge management issues and enhance organizational efficiency. In cases of patient diagnosis, epidemic analysis, or disaster response coordination, it can also help save lives. Roia provides innovative software solutions designed to meet the complex and critical needs of an increasingly diverse array of non-profit and humanitarian actors.

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Roia works with both local and international partners to develop and implement ICT solutions that have significant and sustainable results on the ground. We thank our partners for their continued support.