• student-submitted initiatives

    Maharat ICT Academy Report – Eastern Ghouta

    From October 2016 to February 2018 35 students learned basics in entrepreneurship, English and web development at Roia’s

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  • Needs and Skills – Market Assessment in Azaz

    Read the Full Report here   This market assessment of Azaz city is based on a survey of 66 consumers and 60 business owners. The purpose: inform Roia's activities in the field of vocational training. The report sheds light on skills in demand by employers, desired professions of job seekers, gaps in the local market and estimates for the future state of businesses. The data has been collected in mid-September 2018. It has been particularly challenging accessing women entrepreneurs. Special care has been taken to weigh female consumers voices accordingly to counterbalance this deficit. Unemployment especially for women remains yet. Yet, entrepreneurs demonstrate a cautious optimism for the future of their businesses.

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  • Infrastructure Overview in Azaz

    Read the Full Report here   This report by ROIA presents an insight into the infrastructure needs in the Azaz region of Northern Syria and represents an output for a project conducted by a consortium of Syrian NGOs on behalf of the UNDP (see box below). This report will serve as the foundation for community discussions with expert stakeholders in Azaz and help ROIA identify viable, sustainable infrastructure pilot projects. In the interest of coordination and information sharing, ROIA has opted to share its finding publicly. In Azaz, like so many other areas inside Syria, there is a lack of current, publicly available data for NGOs and agencies to use to inform their programming. Preliminary desk research revealed few sources of needs data collected within the last 12 months and that which did exist was almost exclusively purposive and not statistically representative. Given the limited time and resources allocated to conduct primary data collection, ROIA also opted to employ qualitative and purposive methods, namely Key Informant Interviews (KIIs). These interviews were conducted over the month of August 2018 with community stakeholders in Azaz with the authority to talk about infrastructure matters. The report yields insights into shelter and education infrastructure, as well as WASH and markets & communications.

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