New partnership with Kahane Foundation to empower young refugees in Istanbul

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Kahane Foundation. This partnership is shaped by the common vision of empowering young refugees in Turkey by increasing their access to education and job opportunities.

The ICT Academy in Istanbul

With the support of Kahane Foundation, we will establish an ICT Academy in Istanbul. The ICT Academy will be a fully equipped training facility for young refugees. They will learn ICT skills, receive English classes and a Microsoft certification in an inclusive environment. The 1-year partnership will fund the establishment and equipment of the Academy and the delivery of awareness events and accelerated ICT and freelancing training. The beneficiaries will be 120 young women and men from refugee communities in the most unserved areas of Istanbul.

The city of Istanbul remains the primary destination for Syrian refugees. With an estimated 90% of the refugee population in poverty, negative coping strategies are rampant. One of the biggest problems Syrian refugees are facing in Turkey is the access to jobs and education. Having such a large group confined to the margins of society does not just negatively impact refugees, it also destabilises the Turkish host community.

With this project, we will provide refugees access to education and skills that will help them gain sustainable employment. We will address the increasing rate of youth unemployed and outside of school. We will tackle the social isolation of Syrian refugees in Turkey and the negative views of refugee community within host community

New partnership to expand Roia’s operations in Turkey

This new partnership is part of Roia’s 2019 overall approach which will open a new phase for the organization. In Syria, the humanitarian space in which NGOs can operate has dramatically reduced and the level of assistance earmarked has decreased. It is necessary for us to expand our geographic reach in order to maximize our positive social impact. This partnership brings us one step closer to our new strategy of addressing the needs and challenges of refugee communities living in Turkey.

With such high levels of enthusiasm and commitment, we’re excited to continue in our mission of creating livelihoods for vulnerable youth and harnessing the power of ICT for positive social good.



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