SpeakLoud Service

SpeakLoud is a service amplifying the voices of the vulnerable and those who work with them. Activists, non-profits, NGOs and community-based organisations working in human rights, humanitarianism and development are all eligible to receive free webhosting.

Over the past few years, an online presence, including social media, has emerged as an important medium of communication for reaching a vast audience on a global scale. Leveraging the power of the Internet, messages, pictures, and stories can be spread in a fraction of a second and be absorbed quickly and easily by people all over the world.

For those responding to disasters and emergencies, the ability to reach out can be exceptionally powerful. In the past, crises would pass unnoticed and organizations would struggle in obscurity and isolation to help those in need. The Internet offers the ability to connect to potential donors, recruit volunteers, spread awareness, and inspire action at all levels.

Nonetheless, for organizations working to provide vital assistance, the decision to invest in a web presence can be a real dilemma. Even though it can ultimately improve their effectiveness, every cent spent on a website is one less cent spent on helping the vulnerable.

SpeakLoud removes this dilemma by offering free web hosting, domains, and online storage to organizations, community groups, and individuals. SpeakLoud is about empowering both those that work with vulnerable people and vulnerable people themselves; as a service, it seeks to give agency to those who have been affected by crisis.

In any given crisis there are countless local, regional, and international organizations of all sizes working to save and improve the lives of those who are affected. Yet, in the chaos of disaster and war, the narrative that reaches the world rarely depicts the experiences of these actors, and the voices of the victims—the voices that matter most—are too often lost.

An online presence can do so much to improve the effectiveness of organizations providing protection, relief, or development. Websites and social media are valuable tools to spread awareness about abuses or emergencies, galvanize a response, and raise funds for vital activities. However, many of these organizations spring up from the grassroots level and have limited resources, which they must prioritize for those in need.

By offering free web hosting, SpeakLoud gives a voice to those who would otherwise have difficulty being heard, helping them make a bigger impact.