• Vocational Training and Infrastructure Rehabilitation in Azaz

    As an active member of the Early Recovery Cluster, Roia in partnership with other local NGOs, namely Bonyan, URC and Sons of War is responsible to facilitate two pilot projects in Azaz. The project is part of the UN Syria Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP). The innovation dimension introduced by UNDP is to prioritise data collection […]

  • Maharat ICT Academy

    ICT is a powerful tool to improve prospects for people of all ages and backgrounds. Maharat Academies provide ICT vocational education and livelihood opportunities to disadvantaged youth in hard-to-reach communities. Our Academies provide young women and men with competitive ICT skills, guide them towards dignified, inclusive and sustainable employment and prepare them for the freelancing […]

  • SpeakLoud Service

    SpeakLoud offers free webhosting, domains, and online storage to organizations, community groups, and individuals assisting Syrians in need. By leveraging the power of the Internet, they are able to increase awareness, connect to donors and volunteers, and inspire action around the world.

  • Skills Under Siege Platform

    A crowdfunding platform with a purpose, Skills Under Siege connects grassroots projects in Syria with a global audience. Donors from around the world can support these projects, receiving in return the opportunity to witness first-hand how their contribution changes lives.

  • BeeNet

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  • LALS “Local Administration Linkage System”

    The Local Administration Linkage System offers authorities in Eastern Gouta a closed, secure, and effective network for communications. Comprised of an intranet for council staff communication, a radio system for communication between council and its partners, and reliable Internet access to connect to the global community, LALS enables better coordination for the provision of important goods and services to local Syrians.

  • EMS “Emergency Medical System”

    The function of the EMS communications platform is twofold: it allows the public to request assistance while also enabling emergency services to coordinate their response. With paramedics, ambulances, and firefighters working in harmony, the needs of the community can truly be served.

  • Maharat ICT Centre

    The Maharat Centre provides a safe space in Eastern Ghouta for youth to learn skills in digital literacy, software development, IT infrastructure, web design, and English. Also offering internships and micro-grants, the Centre aims to both empower and inspire its students.