Roia and Microsoft in $100,000 partnership

Roia is excited to announce a new partnership with Microsoft Philanthropies, which provides organisations with technology tools, training, and resources to create opportunities and transform communities.

The grant offered by Microsoft totals $101,992 USD and comes in the form of software licenses including Office Professional, Project Professional, and the Windows 10 operating system – programs that are critical for driving Roia’s work forward.

The software will be put to use by Roia in developing a host of online platforms to facilitate livelihoods for people made vulnerable by instability that has plagued the Middle East over the past several years. Among these platforms is Skills Under Siege, a crowdfunding site for community owned projects; Subul, a freelancing site for Syrian ICT professionals; and Speakloud, a free webhosting service for NGOs.

As an ICT nonprofit, much of Roia’s success depends on having access to technologies – technologies that are often expensive and out of reach for grassroots organisations and the people they seek to empower. As Roia founder, Khaled Shabaan, notes, “With this grant from Microsoft, a whole new world of possibility has been made available to us. Not only will this allow us to improve the efficiency and impact of our organisation, but it will also allow us to deliver better programs for our beneficiaries.”

ICT has the potential to revolutionise the way that humanitarian work is delivered – and Roia wants to be positioned at the forefront of that.


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