Roia launches a Fundraising Campaign to support Syrian Youth!

Help us give a better future to Syrian youth!

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Roia Foundation is launching a Fundraising Campaign to raise up to € 100.000 to support the Syrian youth affected by 8 years of war.

Due to the war, millions of young Syrians have been deprived of a proper education. Their future is plagued by problems such as poverty, war recruitment, child marriage and extremism.

Since 2015, Maharat Academy has been bringing hope in the lives of the war-affected Syrian youth. We believe in the power of education to change their lives. Our schools have become places of self-fulfilment and have provided students with secure and sustainable jobs.


However, the success of our program depends on donors. Your donation will help fund more training and courses that can lead to employment and job security for more young Syrian women and men. By keeping our Academy open, we can keep on guaranteeing better access to education to hundreds of young Syrians. Without your urgently needed donations we will be forced to close our schools permanently.

Here are a couple ways in which you can help:

1) Donate. Any amount makes a huge impact towards reaching our goal. Click here to check out our campaign and read more. You can also make an offline donation.
2) Spread the word. Send this campaign to your friends, colleagues or family! You can also share social media posts about the campaign.

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