Skills Under Siege Platform

Skills Under Siege is an online platform for crowdfunding the livelihood projects of Syrian communities and sharing their stories with the world.

With over half the Syrian population unemployed and 69 percent living in extreme poverty, the destruction of war has left few opportunities to make a living. Despite such hardship, Syrians across the country are engaged in initiatives to improve their lives. From internet cafes to renewable energy production to eco-friendly dairy farms, the resourcefulness of the population knows no bounds. Skills Under Siege is an online hub showcasing these projects, inviting support from the global community.

Years of conflict have left Syria's infrastructure ruined, its logistics networks devastated, and its economy crippled. For those living in a country torn apart by warring factions and pounded by aerial bombardment since 2011, everyday life is a struggle. Over half the country has been forced to flee from their homes, while approximately 2.3 million Syrians are living under siege or siege-like conditions, completely cut-off from the rest of the world.

In such circumstances, there are few opportunities for Syrians to make a living. Overall, over half the population is unemployed and an estimated 69 per cent of people live in extreme poverty, supporting their families on less than $2 USD per day. Without an adequate income, families cannot afford basic goods and services; food insecurity and lack of access to education, healthcare, and safe water are widespread.

Yet even in the worst circumstances, the resilience demonstrated in Syria is profound. Communities are finding ways to adapt, innovate, and make the most of their scarce resources, even in the midst of conflict. It's possible to find Syrians developing alternative construction materials, designing communications technologies, installing renewable energy, and launching new farms and business ventures. Skills Under Siege gives these projects a global platform while offering the world a way to engage and contribute.

A crowdfunding platform intent on changing lives, Skills Under Siege connects Syrian grassroots projects with a global audience. Under the guidance of an expert steering committee, livelihood projects from across the country are identified and strictly vetted before being hosted on the platform. Once accepted, the projects receive support to improve their operations and media presence, including a dedicated media team to work with stakeholders to accurately document the project, its activities, and the community it is active in.

Projects are unpacked on the site with their objectives, activities, and beneficiaries available for all to see. As the projects develop, regular media updates keep contributors abreast of the impact being made and how lives are being changed for the better. Skills Under Siege allows people all around the world to witness Syrian projects first-hand, giving them an opportunity to contribute to their success and really see how their contribution makes a difference.