Our programs


Roia works with non-profit organizations in various sectors to improve their management of critical daily communications. This means that human rights and civil society actors have the tools they need to promote their cause and communicate with the international community, emergency dispatchers can quickly send help where it's needed, and emergency responders have secure communications to carry out their work.


Sometimes simply implementing the right creative software solution can resolve knowledge management issues and enhance organizational efficiency. In cases of patient diagnosis, epidemic analysis, or disaster response coordination, it can also help save lives. Roia provides innovative software solutions designed to meet the complex and critical needs of an increasingly diverse array of non-profit and humanitarian actors.


ICT skills are increasingly important across all industries and work sectors, and Roia provides this training. From basic literacy to specific software applications, our programs teach skills that are essential to improving staff efficacy and maintaining efficient organizational operations. Roia also provides ICT vocational training to individuals to increase livelihood opportunities.

Our goals


Strengthen and support humanitarian and development work

Roia supports humanitarian and development organizations with reliable and effective communications and technical solutions. ICT support is essential for the successful, coordinated efforts of organizations working in this field. We implement projects that support both medical and relief and development actors.

Increase access to sustainable livelihoods for youth in disadvantaged communities

Our projects provide direct and indirect employment opportunities for youth. By providing comprehensive vocational training we allow youth to gain skills that broaden their work opportunities. Our project implementation also creates jobs, providing direct employment to qualified youth in severely disadvantaged and difficult to reach communities.



Amplify the voices of humanitarian and development actors and oppressed populations

Free speech is incredibly important for social stability, the promotion of development, and the protection of human rights. Roia provides both individual and human rights and media activists with the means to facilitate an exchange of information, ideas, and opinions in society. We also offer activists and organizations technical assistance to support them in raising public awareness of their cause.

Support refugee integration into host communities

Through training and livelihood opportunities, technology can provide a means to assist refugees settling into their host communities. It not only allows refugees to “speak the same language” as the community, but offers a way to stay connected across both the host community and the globe. Technology also plays a vital role in disseminating important and sometimes lifesaving information to those facing the uncertainty of travelling to a new country.



Increase women’s involvement in the ICT domain

ICT is a powerful tool to advance gender equality and empower women. Encouraging and supporting their participation in ICT can improve access to education, increase women’s economic independence through enterprise, create support and solidarity for women’s rights, and amplify women’s voices in decision-making. Roia seeks to balance gender participation in ICT to allow women equal access to its benefits.